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In 2009, the Grace Stage Lighting factory was established. After ten years of precipitation, the tacit cooperation of the team, the careful collaboration of high-quality parts suppliers, and customers from more than 90 countries worldwide. In 2020, a sudden epidemic swept the world. At this time, Doris was appointed to take over as the general manager of Grace Stage Lighting. A series of corporate cultures have been formulated to unite Grace's partners and carry forward the spirit of hard work. Not only has the company not been affected by the epidemic, but it has doubled its performance for three consecutive years. In 2022, a new brand will be created: Igracelite.

Thank you very much to all our customers for their love for Grace Stage Lighting and their thoughtfulness in making feedback videos for us. Here we have collected a small number of customer review videos and made a collection, please watch:

Review of DMX console
The console is amazing with many functions! Jessica is an excellent person with professionalism and willing to help answer every question you have! the console arrived in excellent condition with no problems and sooner than expected! Grace lighting is a trusted professional company with high quality products! We will order more products soon!

Review of par light
I purchased from grace lighting at March 2023 and I am extremely satisfied with my experience. The service provided was exceptional, with knowledgeable staff who were readily available to answer all my questions and guide me through the purchasing process. The logistics were smooth and efficient, with timely delivery and careful handling of the equipment. Additionally, the price offered was competitive and reasonable. Overall, I had a fantastic buying experience and would highly recommend this company to you guys

Review of cold spark machine:
A very professional company.  Grace was the first to contact me with a quote & then options and documentation to meet my queries & needs.  The Cold Spark Fountains are easy to use, have great wifi, a larger outlet for wider spray and many DMX channels.  They are also easy to clean. Kristen worked out of hours to negotiate a deal with the cheapest possible shipping. I highly recommend Grace Lighting & Equipment. The test video is from the singer of Dracorex (Melbourne, Australia).  Will try and post one later of all four ml achines being used on stage.

Photos with clients:

  Doris Wong OWNER
Grace Co-founder Doris Wong was born in 1989, in Hunan Shaoyang City. She grew up and study hard in a poor village, where she lived in a wooden house. But the person in the village were all very friendly, every night all the villagers will gather together for dinner in the square of the village, talk about everything. But the lights in the village were dim, which also inspired her love for lighting and stage lighting.
  Jessica Zhang DIRECTOR OF SALES 
With more than 14 years of stage lights export experience and being a sincere, patient, and professional sales manager, Jessica's personality and smile are infectious, and her ability to relate and be transparent makes all of grace lighting's customers feel comfortable and secure in knowing that they are receiving a kind experience. So willing to share the stage lights industrial trend and the market hot sale items, you are sure easy to get what you need. You will not be disappointed as her integrity, positive attitude, and attention to detail is unmatched.
With 12 years of industry procurement experience, he has stringent requirements for the raw materials purchased. He is a person who pursues the details extremely. Therefore, our products have been selected and checked from the source, which significantly improves the qualification rate of finished products. Through 12 years of strict control of suppliers, we already have a group of high-quality partners to escort Grace Stage Light.
15 years of production management experience in the stage lighting industry, superior technology plus rich production management and quality control experience. To ensure product quality, the customer's order is completed as soon as possible. We strictly control production, innovate new products, and break through ourselves.
Another Co-founder of Foshan Grace Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. (Grace Stage Lighting Industrial Co., Ltd.) has been involved in the stage lights industry since 2006. In 2006, by chance, this master, who was still studying in Germany, entered the stage lights industry and became a stage lights SOHO. In 2007, he returned to China, opened a trading company focusing on professional stage lights, and accumulated many customer resources and foreign trade information.
  After Sales Service Team AFTER SALES
Grace Stage Lighting always attaches the most important to the satisfaction of the customers.We have always had a team dealing with after-sales. Customers first.
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