Moving Head Lights
At StageLightMall, we proudly present our exclusive range of Igracelite Moving Head Lights, designed to transform any static space into a dynamic showcase of colors and movements. Our carefully curated collection caters to every aspect of stage lighting, ensuring that no matter your needs—be it a compact venue or a grand auditorium—you'll find a moving head light that perfectly aligns with your creative vision.

  • Versatility in Design: From sleek, compact models ideal for intimate spaces to powerful, large-scale units crafted for major events, our Igracelite Moving Head Lights are available in various sizes and colors to complement any stage setup.
  • Legendary Service: At StageLightMall, we go beyond just selling products; we offer an unparalleled shopping experience. Benefit from our expert advice, prompt customer support, and legendary service that makes every purchase a breeze.
  • Exciting Deals: Looking for more than just moving head lights? Explore our extensive bobblehead sets for a unique addition to your collection. With most packages shipping for free, it's never been easier to get a great value on professional lighting and accessories. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality Assurance: Each Igracelite Moving Head Light is rigorously tested to meet the highest quality and performance standards, ensuring that you receive a product capable of bringing your creative vision to life.
  • Expert Support: Our team of lighting experts is always ready to assist you in selecting the perfect product to meet your specific requirements, offering personalized recommendations and technical support.
  • Fast and Free Shipping: Most of our products, including our diverse bobblehead sets, qualify for free shipping, making it cost-effective and convenient to upgrade your stage setup.

Transform your venue with the dynamic, vibrant lighting solutions offered by Igracelite at StageLightMall. Whether you're a professional lighting designer, a venue manager, or an event organizer, our selection of Moving Head Lights promises to elevate your lighting game. Shop today and light up your stage with the brilliance of Igracelite. 
230W moving head beam light
from $184.45 $217
7x40W zoom Led moving head lights
from $142.05 $167.11
37X15W 4in1 zoom beam LED moving head
from $275.10 $323.64
350W moving head beam light
from $361.55 $425.35
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